Two of a Kind (Valérie Crête & François Longpré)

Valérie and François have been uniting their voices for 20 years. Well known in the region, they travel through towns with their duo Two of a Kind. 

With more than 50 performances a year in restaurant-bars, terraces, corporate, festivals and private parties, they have the privilege this summer of opening for none other than Roch Voisine and Marie-Mai.

With their undeniable talent, Valérie was able to rise to the top of a prestigious competition where she was able to perform on the Belle et Bum show and then presented us with a first album in 2011 with collaborators Richard Séguin, Patrick Norman and several others. From the age of 5, François made a remarkable presence at the Canadian evening of 1982. Having won several local competitions, he was selected to open for Bruno Pelletier.

  • Friday August 26th
  • 19:00
  • Music
  • 8 – Stage

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