Music with Old School Country

Old School Country is a band of old friends that started to play music in high school. They come from Sawyerville, Magog and Fitchbay and play mostly alternative music. When they graduated, they all went their separate ways as life has a way of doing that. As fate would have it in 2017 they got the band back together and started to play again. Country was an easy choice for them because all their parents played country music their whole lives. The singer (Brent) was already singing country music doing karaoke in small town bars and backyard parties.The guitarist (Nicholas) has been playing since a child, he was taught by his father Lyndon Sheldon, and he can play anything by ear. The drummer (Clinton) has been playing ever since high school, joining an ACDC tribute band called 19 Stone. The bass player (Jonathan)  has been playing all kinds of music with his father and other bands.

They choose their name as they are old friends from school and they play country music, hence Old School Country. 

Lead Vocals: Brent Sheldon

Guitarist: Nicholas Sheldon

Bass and Vocals: Jonothan Arthur

Drums: Clinton Mills

  • Saturday August 26th
  • 18:00
  • Music
  • 21 – Music concerts

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