175 years of entertainement with Katrine Lafaille

175 years of history – Entertainement

Katrine Lafaille has been involved in the Ayer’s Cliff Fair for almost 7 years. “I come from a family for whom the Fair is scheduled every year, it’s a tradition for us. It’s important for me to get involved in the Fair as a volunteer.”

Katrine tasks at the Fair vary a lot, but mostly concern animation and entertainment. “I try to come up with new ideas. Like last year, we changed the parking formula, but my role mainly concerns programming and entertainment, not to mention the sound team.” With the 175th edition scheduled to take place this year but which will be postponed until next year due to COVID-19, the team will have to postpone their efforts until next year in order to organize this special program.

A big event like the Fair involves a lot of players. Fortunately, Katrine can count on the ideas of the other members of her team: “The entertainment committee meets several times during the year to discuss together.” In addition, surprises are to be expected for 2021! Indeed, we can expect more music and entertainment for the 175th edition: “We want to have between 6 or 8 groups from the area on a second stage, we are also planning on having magicians and others acts and animation on the stage.” Interested to be a part of the 175th anniversary? Don’t hesitate to contact Katrine and send your information.

As we know, Ayer’s Cliff is a bilingual town. It is also a village rich in culture and history. This is why it’s important to satisfy the taste of Anglophones and Francophones in the offered programs: “For the past few years, we have been alternating Saturday evenings; we put a big anglophone artist one year and the following year we book a major francophone artist. That’s the way we found to please everyone. I think this is a tradition that we must continue.” However, this has not always been the case: “Before, I think the programs and artists on stage were more English, but since the advent of the band Les Trois Accords, which was one of our best years ever, we decided that we had to have a French artist or group every year. So with the feedback we had when we booked Les Trois Accords, we now alternate from year to year. We adapt a lot!”

When she thinks of previous editions, Katrine had a few favourite artists: “Brett Kissel was a very talented artist that we were lucky to receive here on our stage. George Canyon also brought a lot of people, but I think our best year was Les Trois Accords. Oh and last year too, it was great to have Robby Johnson, he was amazing on our stage!”

We can’t wait to see what the entertainment team has in store for us for 2021. One thing is certain, we won’t be disappointed! Don’t miss our 175th anniversary in 2021.

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