River Morse – 2023 winner of the ACF Scholarship

Congratulations to River Morse, Ayer’s Cliff Fair / Plowmen’s Association Scholarship winner !

The Stanstead County Agricultural Society, in collaboration with The Stanstead County Plowmen’s Association, has started a Scholarship Program, with the goal of encouraging and attracting young adults, to develop the necessary skills to continue and exceed in the agriculture industry. Each year, the Board of Directors will choose a minimum of one (1) student, who will receive a scholarship of up to $500.00.

We would like to congratulate River Morse, the 2023 winner of the ACF Scholarship! 👨‍🎓👏

For all the information concerning the 2024 scholarship and submit your application, please visit: https://www.ayersclifffair.com/acf-scholarship/

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